Helping manufacturers prepare for the future of work and maximize the potential of their people and processes.


The Problem

Today, the manufacturing industry is expanding at it's fastest rate in 14 years, but most of the headlines about manufacturing paint a much bleaker picture of the industry's future. The industry faces constantly changing workforce requirements, skill reinvention and workforce reallocation as a result of automation and an aging workforce, and these problems are only going to get worse over time. 

12.5 million blue-collar manufacturing American workers face job transformation due to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation over the next 5 years, and 2.7 million, about one in five, manufacturing workers will be retiring during this time. As this transformation takes place, workers and recruits will need to both understand the skills that work today and prepare to reinvent their skills every 2-3 years, constantly adapting to the changing work environment.

At LineShift, we believe that people will drive this change, and that by maximizing the potential of new technologies in addition to the talents of the manufacturing workforce, manufacturers can solve the recruiting, retention and aging workforce challenges that define the industry today.


How We Can Help

Manufacturers who prepare today for the future of work give themselves a competitive advantage for years to come and become the employer of choice in their market, driving workforce retention, recruiting, and growth. Driven through the lens of employee empowerment and growth, our approach focuses on growth – personal growth of the workforce and growth opportunities for the top line of the business. 

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