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We help your business grow by untapping employee potential and creating the workforce of the future.

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Our Solution

Our approach combines data science, workforce analytics, and manufacturing expertise.



Industry 4.0 Roadmap & Workforce Risk Assessment

We begin with a current state assessment to understand your strategic goals and identify the workforce risks and constraints to be addressed.

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Workforce Skills Collection & Skills Inventory

Next, we deploy our LineShift assessment to understand the capabilities of your workforce.


Driven by our analytics, we identify opportunities untap growth opportunities while simultaneously investing in your workforce, leading to increased retention and improved productivity.

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Map skills to growth opportunities within your company

Driven by our data science, risk assessment results, and expertise we identify how  your workforce can be utilized to  eliminate workforce bottlenecks and untap revenue channels in the short term. In the long term, we identify high potential employees that are ready for the training to become your leaders on the manufacturing floor as you move to Industry 4.0

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Career Path


In order to standardize and streamline employee growth, once the skills collection and mapping pilot projects are proven to be successful, the LineShift team creates standardized and transparent career paths for employee growth and Industry 4.0 readiness.

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