Launching LineShift: The Answer to the Manufacturing Workforce Shortage

How do you think the manufacturing industry is doing today? 

If you’re like many Americans, you believe that the industry is dying and that it’s taking its jobs with it. 

In reality, manufacturing jobs are sitting unfilled, to the tune of 426,000 and growing. Vacant jobs on the factory floor mean that manufacturers are losing out on billions as a result of increased overtime, cycle time, and down time. As the industry continues to grow, this is a problem that’s only getting bigger.  Eighty-four percent of manufacturing leaders are concerned about the massive workforce shortage in the US according to a recent Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte survey. It’s no wonder these leaders are concerned, it’s not just a problem, it’s THE problem in manufacturing.

The problem is larger than the industry alone, especially as more people move to urban areas, rather than the smaller communities many manufacturers call home. As the Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, companies and towns are going to extreme measures to recruit people to their towns and factories. While it’s a growing problem for larger cities, it’s especially challenging and  prevalent in small cities and towns where populations are continuing to decline and costly incentives are more difficult to implement. 

This talent shortage is hitting small and medium sized manufacturers particularly hard; impacting their ability to grow and to meet current customer demand. At LineShift, we believe that these companies can do more with the people they already have working on the floor if they’re able to take advantage of new, innovative and lower cost technology solutions that will optimize their processes and maximize the talents of their people. 

If manufacturers can use modern manufacturing tools to perform basic, repetitive and menial tasks, then they can invest more in upskilling and rewarding their people while at the same time building facilities and a workforce that can compete today and in the future. With these workforce challenges time in manufacturing, the decision of how to make investments in people has never been more critical. LineShift is here to help manufacturers solve the workforce challenges of today and prepare for the future of work.

LineShift believes that the best time to invest in the future of your workforce was 20 years ago. The next best time is today. 

Don Meier, Co-Founder and CEO