Unleash the productivity of your workforce and grow your business


The Challenge

The number one challenge facing the manufacturing industry?
Finding and keeping skilled poeple.

Today, the manufacturing industry is expanding at its fastest rate in 14 years. By 2025, manufacturers will need 3.5 million people to fill jobs. Two million of those jobs are likely to remain vacant. This productivity problem is only going to get worse, and talented people will continue to be hard to find.

The Solution

LineShift brings modern manufacturing tools to small and medium sized manufacturers. Using a detailed, proprietary production process and workforce analysis, we help customers improve production, reduce costs and maximize the potential of their existing workforce.


How We Can Help

With an extensive background in industrial engineering and a workforce centered approach, our team works with every customer to:


Collaborate with your workforce to find and improve constraints on your production processes with our proprietary tool.


Implement unique, forward-thinking solutions, including innovative technology, that help you close workforce gaps, meet increasing customer demand and grow your people and your business for the future.


Measure and monitor the positive return on your investment.

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