We combine data science, workforce analytics, and manufacturing expertise to empower employees and grow companies.


Why Lineshift

LineShift was founded on the understanding that manufacturers and their workforce are at an unprecedented time in history. With an aging workforce, artificial intelligence, automation, and other factors causing major changes to the manufacturing ecosystem, LineShift believes the existing manufacturing workforce has a tremendous amount of untapped potential.


As these forces change workforce requirements, skill reinvention and workforce reallocation will become a near-constant requirement, with manufacturing as no exception. Manufacturers that put the systems and processes in place to tap the potential of existing employees and create a dynamic workforce will become the employer of choice, driving retention, recruiting, and growth of their workforce.

Our Team

The LineShift team is a diverse group of individuals passionate about the development and future of the manufacturing workforce. The team is building solutions and tools that help manufacturers leverage the potential of their existing employees, and help those employees better understand the skills they bring to the table. Skills and backgrounds of the team include industrial engineering, data analytics, workforce policy and planning, training communications, marketing, smart manufacturing systems, software strategy, accounting, and finance. We work collaboratively with customers to analyze and develop solutions that identify opportunities to grow and foster talent and improve their top line.